Ready to stand out & sell out, without having to use pushy sales tactics?

It’s time to stand out in your niche as the go-to authority, craft content that’s super engaging and confidently become visible on social media. Reaching your ideal clients will become a breeze, AND it will feel good to you.

Do any of these sound familiar?

If this is you, I've been where you are now and I've got good news. It's not you, it's your strategy.

Clarity & Strategy Programme

8-week 1:1 coaching programme

During these 8 weeks, I’ll be your coach, strategist and cheerleader, and together we’ll craft your brand, get super clear on your ideal client, position you as an authority and build out a funnel that feels good and generates consistent leads. We’ll do this by deep diving – and I mean really deep diving – into your strategy. I’ll walk you through every step so that you’re empowered to take strategic action, again and again. 


"I've wasted so many hours on social media courses and Anna made everything so much clearer. It's made such a difference in my business and I've actually doubled my monthly income! Thank you!"

Let's take a look...

By the end of the programme, you will:

What inside the programme?

What's included?

8 x 60-minute calls

Over 8 1:1 calls, we’ll deep dive into the key areas of your social media strategy.


I’ll be sharing my tried and tested templates and frameworks with you.

24/5 support

I’ll be on hand to support you through the implementation of your high-impact strategy.

The programme is perfect for service providers and coaches in any industry. We dive into your niche, goals and offer and put together a completely tailored strategy that works across any industry.

100%. My own experience is in social media management and I marketed my business successfully in this way for a long time. You’ll also be getting a strategy that you can recreate again with your own clients.

With 8 calls, 8 weeks of support and all of my templates and frameworks, I’ve packed in loads of value, but I’ve tried to make the programme as accessible as possible. I also have payment plans so that you can split the cost.

I’ll walk you through the steps you need to take to develop your brand and market your offers on social media. It’s a mix of done-for-you and teaching you exactly what to do so that you’re confident to create things for yourself too. I’ll also be there to answer your questions between coaching calls.

Aside from the weekly calls, I suggest leaving a few hours each week for generating ideas and implementing the things we talk about.

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Clarity Programme

4-week 1:1 coaching programme

If you’ve been struggling to stand out in your niche and attract dream clients consistently, this is the programme for you. Over 4 weeks, we’ll get super clear on your brand, values and ideal client before building a content strategy to attract them. We’ll then craft messaging that speaks directly to your dream clients, and finally, I’ll share my tried and tested community-building strategies with you, so that you can build a tribe of fans who are ready to buy when you promote your offer. I’ll be there to support you between sessions, and I’ll share my content planning board, templates and more. So, if building a sustainable business and attracting the clients you truly want to work with is your goal, let’s chat.

What's included?

4 x 60-minute calls

Over 4 1:1 calls, we’ll look at how you can build an engaged community of dream clients.


I’ll be sharing my tried and tested templates and frameworks with you.

24/5 support

I’ll be on hand to support you through the implementation of your high-impact strategy.


2-hour Strategy Sessions

Looking for a one-off strategy session? Let's deep dive into an area of your strategy.

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